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Ghidini 1961 Launch Debut Collection 'Brass Ensemble' Featuring Richard Hutten, Studio Job, Campana Brothers & Stefano Giovannoni

(Rabbit Doorstopper by Stefano Giovannoni)

Ghidini Giuseppe Bosco has been Italy’s leading manufacturer of brass handles, lighting fixtures and decorative accessories for over 50 years. A specialist in die casting brass, aluminium and zamak, the family-run company excels in combining advanced technologies and rapid prototyping with traditional craft skills. From concept to completion, the entire production process takes place in-house and is characterised by a meticulous attention to detail. 

(Porto Console Table by Andrea Branzi)

Since its inception in 1961, the company has developed close ties with international architects and designers to produce custom products and create classical and contemporary art objects. After primarily working business-to-business the company decided launch to its first range of consumer products.

"We felt that working solely as a business-to-business supplier wasn’t giving the right value to our product and expertise anymore," explains Ghidini. "So we thought, why don’t we extend our production to design pieces that we can sell directly to the public?"  

(Tip Top Waste Bin by Richard Hutten)

Founded in 2016 under the art direction of Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni, Ghidini 1961 boasts a diverse and creative team featuring some of the biggest names in international design, such as: Andrea Branzi, Campana Brothers, Elisa Giovannoni, Richard Hutten, Studio Job and Nika Zupanc. 

(Take Me To Miami Series by Nika Zupanc)

The debut collection, titled 'Brass Ensemble', features around 40 pieces including chairs, tables, bookcases, consoles, lamps, as well as small and large home accessories. 

(Florida Bowl by Nika Zupanc)

Stand-out pieces from the range include: The Campana Brothers' ‘Kaleidos’, a backlit mirror with a highly polished brass finish, Studio Job’s thimble-shaped ‘Here’ ice bucket and Nika Zupanc’s ‘Take me to Miami’ series which consists of a desk, a chair and a lamp made of PVD-treated steel. 

(Here Ice Bucket by Studio Job)

(Kaleidos Wall Light by Campana Brothers)

(Omini Ciotola Serving Trays by Stefano Giovannoni)

The debut collection from Ghidini 1961 is available in-store now and will launch online simultaneously with our re-designed website in May. Please contact us if you would like further details.

Jane Richards Interiors Makes The Cover of The Norwich Resident

Jane Richards Interiors makes the front cover of The Norwich Resident 'Fashion Issue' with 'L'afrique' editorial. Following our recent 'Fashion Meets Interiors' collaboration with photographer Kerry Curl and The Stylist & The Collector, we created a unique scene for Norwich's monthly luxury, fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Shot in our flagship store, the cover features a one-of-a-kind L'afrique dress, handmade by founder Jane Richards and L'afrique Wallpaper from NLXL's Archives collection - both designed by Studio Job. The L'Afrique design emerged from Studio Job's 'Automobile' collaboration with Land Rover (2012 - 2013). For the upholstery of the now iconic sculptural piece, the studio asked Vlisco, a Dutch manufacturer of African wax printed fabrics, to produce a limited-edition print of 200 hundred pieces.

Photography: Paul John Bayfield

Limited copies of the magazine are available in-store ot failing that you can view the current issue online at

Lensvelt's 'Boring Collection' Aims To Restore The Balance Between Work And Play

Dutch furniture brand Lensvelt will unveil a collection of intentionally boring office furniture at Salone del Mobile in Milan this month. 'Boring Collection' was conceived and developed out of dissatisfaction with the appearance of affordable contract furniture. 

Designed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based architecture studio Space Encounters, the collection consists of a desk chair, visitor chair, acoustic panel, low and high cabinets, and four types of desk. Furthermore there's a "boring" bin and clock which, true to office culture, only shows the numbers of the liberating moment. 

"Boring Collection does not pretend to be more beautiful, in fact; Boring collection does not claim any attention. To the last detail, the furniture is a modest soft grey, and all shapes are archetypical, straightforward and discrete, with only one goal: to draw the eye to the things that actually matter," explained the design team.

"The looks of contemporary office furniture are pretty much dictated by legislation and therefore often detonate with the rest of the interior and surroundings."

Visual artist duo Lernert & Sander, known for their work COS and Viktor & Rolf, were drafted in for the collections campaign. In a somewhat backward manner, but true to the collections tag line that "Its not about the furniture," office life is given the lead in their campaign. 

Lernert & Sander's campaign will be repeated for the collection's debut at this year's Milan design week with a presentation at Ventura Lambrate, via Privata Oslavia from 12 -17 April. In addition to the presentation, Lensvelt and Space Encounters will host a "boring rave" during the 'other' office hours on Tueaday 12 from 9.00pm - 5.00am.  

Studio Job Designs Guilt Insipired 'Thanks A Bunch' Banana Rug For Nodus

Milan 2016: Studio Job have partnered with Italian rug specialist Nodus to produce a new design Inspired by the innocent innocent theft of a banana.

The circular hand knotted rug titled 'Thanks A Bunch', features an array of peeled banana skins in air flight positions set against a light coloured background and finshed with a black fringe. 

"I once, not so long ago, ACCIDENTALLY escaped from a gas station with a lovely yellow banana that I forgot to pay for," explains Tynagel. 

"It wasn't until I flung the skin out of the window and watched it slap down on the Tarmac that I realised my crime. I haven't stopped feeling bad about it ever since. This rug is in honour of the nice man who runs that gas station.”

Founded by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel in 2000, the banana theme has been used in a number of recent projects by Studio Job including a series of peeled banana lamps and the studio's second monograph, Monkey Business. 

Thanks A Bunch is part of a wider collection by Nodus that will launch during Salone del Mobile in Milan. You can view the presentation at Chiostro della Facoltà Teologica dell'Italia Settentrionale / Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro from 12 - 17 April. 

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